Monday, February 4, 2013

Take Advantage

If having the most flawless halftime show ever wasn't amazing enough, last night's Superbowl means another added perk of a 20% off sale at ASOS! Even more perfect is the timing - I don't know how the weather is treating you, but these temperatures in Chicago are keeping me indoors and away from all stores at the moment, so a good excuse for little online shopping is definitely a welcomed treat! Below are some of the pieces I've got my eyes on:

Love swing dress, ASOS trench
Oasis blouse, Three Floor top
Glamorous sweater, Sister Jane skirt


amalie said...

ah i love asso! i reallyyyy want that skirt xx

Madamevillemo said...

Thank you for comment :) I really like your blog, so we can follow each other? Let me know! ;)

Izzy said...

ooh ASOS and their sales! thanks for letting us know. the dress with the back cutouts is gorgeous :)

Metallic Paws

Britta said...

Oh I didn't know about that sale: that's awesome! That Sister Jane skirt is so unique- well, so is most of what you find on their site I suppose! Good picks